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Since 2001, Insight Intellectual Property Attorneys has been dedicated to protecting and defending our clients' intellectual property rights. With our main office situated in Beijing Central Business District, a world-class business hub featuring modern services and a highland opening up to the outside world, we are ready to meet our domestic and international clients' intellectual property needs in China and abroad.

our Motto

“One Satisfied Client at a Time” - We focus on one client at a time, serving each one in the best way we can. We believe in “Worry about being better; bigger will take care of itself.”

Our teams
Virtually members of our dedicated patent team mostly have master degrees or doctorates in engineering or sciences from leading universities/institutes in China or abroad. The patent team's technical specialties include: electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, physics, life sciences and health care, chemistry, biotechnology, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, software and computer sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning, internet, semiconductors, manufacturing, telecommunications, material sciences, and nanotechnology.

Mr. Yin has more than 10 years of experience in patent prosecution, and consults on IP-related matters, such as the protection of scientific research, the standardization of intellectual property management, incentive structure and policy implementations, and the establishment of IP management systems. In addition, Mr. Yin provided analyses of the patent landscape in the flat panel display industry for the largest display manufacturer. Mr. Yin also organized training on major patent office practices for Chinese companies, and provided Chinese patent practice training for foreign companies.

Mr. Sun Joint Insight IP in 2010, and has been a patent attorney since 2012. He handles patent applications in China on behalf of domestic and foreign clients, and is also familiar with patent practices in US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India and other countries. He works on patent layout, patent drafting, patent response, patent invalidation, free to operate, etc. in the field of material and chemistry, and has been a team leader for several large-scale enterprises, including a leading enterprise for consumer goods, a leading enterprise for display device and a leading enterprise for painting and coating. 

Dr. He received her Ph. D in organic chemistry from the Institute of Elemento-Organic Chemistry of Nankai University. Her research focused on the synthesis of heteroatomic compounds and asymmetric organic syntheses. She has published more than ten theses in many domestic and foreign journals, such as Tetrahedron and Synlett.

Dr. Liu joined Insight IP in 2016 and has been a patent attorney since 2018. He handles patent applications in China and overseas for domestic and international clients. He has been a team leader dedicated to a major Korean display device manufacturer.

Ms. Yang was a Patent Engineer at Insight IP from 2004 to 2008. Utilizing her expertise in telecommunications and computer applications, she drafted and prosecuted domestic and international applications in the electronic and telecommunication areas.

Ms. Fu joined Insight IP in 2007 and has been a patent attorney since 2009. She handles patent applications in China and overseas for domestic and international clients.

Ms. Liu joined Insight IP in 2004, and has progressively taken leadership roles within the Firm. Ms. Liu specializes in patent mapping, preparation, prosecution, re-examination, invalidation and protection, with experience in outbound patent practice in the United States, Europe and Japan as well as patent drafting in English. She has been a client team leader for a Hong Kong university, a client team leader for a university-based enterprise in Beijing, a team leader dedicated to a major Korean display device manufacturer, and a deputy department manager for the electrical and mechanical department at Insight IP.

Mr. Daz Wang is a founder and managing partner of Insight IP, with more than 30-year experience in intellectual property. His practice primarily focuses on Chinese and foreign patent prosecutions, patent validity, patent litigation, due diligence, and IP strategic opinions. Daz works in diverse technical areas including chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, agrosciences, batteries, materials, mechanics, and designs.  Daz has been involved in some of the most consequential cases on patent validity in China that were heard by the Supreme Court, and selected by the Supreme Court as the guiding cases for patent trials. 

Abby joined Insight IP in 2010. In addition to the cases handled for the foreign clients in China, she has assisted numerous domestic clients in protecting their trademarks both domestically and internationally. Abby is knowledgeable about the Madrid system of trademark registration and handles international registrations for domestic and foreign clients as well. 

Ms. Amanda Liu joined Insight IP in 2016. Emphasizing on technologies of material science, semiconductor, metallurgy, and mechanical and electrical engineering, Ms. Liu practices intellectual property protection for Chinese and foreign companies. She counsels on patent, trademark and copyright procurement, protection and enforcement, and addresses inquiries on anti-counterfeiting, licensing and litigation in different industries. She also advises on intellectual property issues related to global IP portfolio management and commercial transactions, and participates in defensive and offensive legal actions on the behalf of domestic and international clients.

Mr. Wang joined Insight IP in 2004. He specializes in patent prosecution, re-examination, invalidation and litigation in the fields of Telecommunications,Semiconductor, AI, Computer and Data-processing, Electronics. With abundant experience in inbound and outbound patent practice, Mr. Wang prepares and procures patents via PCT and Paris Convention in a variety of jurisdictions, including the United States, Europe, European countries and Japan. His practice extends to legal opinions, infringement analysis and litigation, consultancy, patent mining and patent strategies. 

Dr. Yi joined Insight IP upon graduation from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010. Due to his dual medical and scientific education, Dr. Yi specializes in technical procedures and research methodologies in the fields of biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, laboratory animal science and environmental science. Dr. Yi drafts and prosecutes patent applications in Chinese and English, performs prior art reference searches, and provides legal opinions on patent infringement and validity issues. Since 2016, Dr. Yi has been participating in a series of patent administrative litigations and civil litigations on behalf of a famous Korean group. 

As a patent attorney and patent litigator admitted before the Supreme Court of China, Dr. Hong focuses his practice on all aspects of patent prosecution and patent litigation in the life science and biotechnology fields. Dr. Hong has extensive experience preparing and prosecuting Chinese patent applications and PCT patent applications, and specializes in legal opinions on patentability, freedom-to-operate and due diligence. He is also well experienced in assisting clients with intellectual property licensing and transfers.